they dressed my girl from the reservation as pocahontas…. really antm… really doe

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im havin a hard time breathin due to this show like the girl w the scottish accent is killin me

oh my god this girl’s accent giving me throwbacks to world’s strictest parents

what is this season omg what kind of nationalist tensions? this black brit girl keep sayin stuff like “those lil americans” honesly boutta make me feel some kind of attachment to this country

this season is US versus UK and they actally have a native american girl on the US team…. classy tyra. classy

im watching america’s next top model cycle 18 and raven symone’s gf just showed up,….. azmarie


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this one girl is throwing a tantrum crying and screaming bc her cab driver made her late to the go see final spot and another girl who was also late but calm says to her “i just want you to know, some people have war in their countries”

on the nights i dont have projectfreetv to watch antm i watch antm funniest moments on youtube and tbh i die